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What is MyPCReports?
MyPCReports was created in response to many requests from individuals, business owners, and managers for metrics on how people spend time on computers. Our company is dedicated to providing quality consulting and reporting tools to help you manage your time.
How does MyPCReports work?
Once your account is setup and active, after the first week, the reports are compiled and reviewed by our staff. We then communicate our findings with your staff and/or management on a weekly basis. We frequently find our coaching recovers at least 1 hour of time per person each workday. The calculator on our main page shows what that could mean to individuals and businesses.
How will I or my business benefit from this service?
We have helped many individuals and businesses recover time, and $ in thier workplaces. Creating better environments, employee engagement, retention, focus, and increased profits. We are your time recovery team.
I forgot my password, now what?
Simply click the link to receive an email to reset your password.